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The Clinica Familiar facility in Lenoir City is the original in this area. Clinica Familiar is committed to ensuring that every Tennessean has access to effective, high-quality medical care.

Our Clinic has served the area for over 4 years with an experienced, and courteous bilingual staff ready to assist you to improve your health.

We are a general medicine clinic that takes care of most of the usual diseases, and minor surgical conditions. We provide full labs, and imaging to assist in diagnosis.

We are one of the few clinics in Tennessee that care for Covid patients, and we are proud of our track record of treating this pandemic for the past 2 years. We have saved many lives with our unique therapy protocols.

We are also injecting trigger points to alleviate muscle pain, offer antibiotic injections, and B-12 injections to boost your energy, etc.

The clinics sole mission is primary medical care. With also an emphasis on preventive medicine. We do not focus on other subspeciality areas as a sideline, such as Botox and cosmetic procedures. Your general good health and wellness is all we do.

We are supervised by Teri Hunter, MD, who is broad-Certified in family medicine and, thus, family medicine is also an area of interest.

Physical exams are especially performed with attention to detail and great care. Many medical problems can be discovered by a careful medical history and physical exam.

All of our services are available to adults, seniors, children, and women & men’s health who have no insurance coverage.

Whatever your health needs may be, make an appointment for a comprehensive physical with one of our providers to determine your health status.

Why Choose Us

Professional Doctors

Advanced Technology

Great Services

Family Oriented

30+ Years Of Experience

Affordable Price

Our Providers

Teri Hunter MD

Tim Thomason, PA-C

Rudy G. Hamm, PA-C

family medical health clinic Tennessee

Tim Thomason, PA-C



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